When we started raising funds we were having a hard time finding a VC who would be fair, entrepreneur friendly and who wouldn’t be afraid of having a real hands on approach if necessary. That’s when I met Max.

6 Weeks after we first met at the Blend Web Mix in Lyon, we closed our Seed round ! Fast and efficient, Max has always been willing to help ever since we closed.

At the end of the day, I like Breega because they don’t take things for granted and constantly question themselves to come up with ways to help the startups. For example they put together a team of experts “in residence” to help us with HR, financial and sales matters.
Last but not least, they are the kind of guys with whom you actually have fun going out for drinks once in a while 🙂

To be continued ..

Matthieu Burin, Founder @ Travauxlib


From the first time I talked to Breega Capital about Fretlink, I was happily surprised because they instantly were able to grasp our great market potential and bring their own vision to it.

We were happy to find Breega in this round because they add value on top of cash by providing not only guidance on strategic decisions but also concrete operational help for example on recruitment. They are a key partner to turn our adventure into a success story !

Paul Guillemin,  Founder @ Fretlink


To be honest, when I started FoodChéri I could actually have financed the company without involving VCs. I deliberately invited Breega to join the round because of the added value they could bring to the table, namely on recruiting.
They delivered in the starting months by helping me recruit my COO !

Bottom line, Breega is a fund who sticks with you through the ups and downs of the startup adventure which is often quite a roller coaster !

Patrick Asdaghi Founder @Foodchéri