François Paulus
Managing Partner

After leaving the Executive Commitee of Neuf Cegetel in 2007 I became an Angel Investor for 5 years. I made it my full time job by creating Breega with Ben and Max. I love this job as it allows me to meet entrepreneurs daily. What I like is that all of them believe they have the best company in the world and are full of energy and enthousiasm!

Maximilien Bacot
Managing Partner

Entrepreneur since 2006 I became VC in 2013 by starting Breega with Ben and François. I love the challenge of building something from scratch and being part of a huge story. I am interested in resilient, humble and performant teams whatever the topic. What I like the most is understanding everything about the way to scale up a business !

Ben Marrel
Managing Partner
Solving real and painful problems, pushing boundaries and inventing something new no one has never thought of before is really something about entrepreneurship and being a VC that I love. The only thing I hate about the job ? Saying No 99x more than Yes as I truly value the dedication required to be an entrepreneur.
Isabelle Gallo
Senior Associate

Profound admirer of the energy and resilience it takes for one to succeed as an entrepreneur. Her benevolent ear will never let you down. Never hesitate to reach out !

Victor Drault
Senior Associate

Passionate about tech, disruption and music, Victor will bring his entrepreneurial look to help you turn your first chords into a symphony. Let’s get in touch!

Robin Sappe
Talent Manager in Residence

Do you need to recruit the A team and manage talents like an Ace ? With his extended experience as an HR professional and an entrepreneur, Robin is your man !

Olivier Willi
Head of Business Development in Residence

I’ve known this team for few years now and decided to join because I think Smart Money is the next path to be an impactful VC in this tech eco-system.
Always ready to chat and connect people, I help our entrepreneurs find the right match for business partners.

Pauline Chau
Head of Legal & Finance

Need to keep a cool head while dealing with your financing issues? As a former lawyer specialized in VC transactions, Pauline will bring a thorough yet easy look on your business!