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What We Do

Founded by 3 entrepreneurs, Breega Capital is a venture capital firm investing in top-notch digital startups all over Europe.

Lead investor in seed/series A 

rounds of 1M– 7M Eur

Business development, talent management and legal : we offer you a dedicated operational team  to help you on a daily basis

A community of 100 entrepreneurs, bluechip CEOs  and  strategic corporates to accelerate your business


1st FrenchTech Acceleration Fund

Meet The Team


François Paulus

Managing Partner

Grey hair. Awesome experience and network.  You want to talk about hardware ? IPO ? Just ask him !

Maximilien Bacot associé fondateur Breega Capital

Maximilien Bacot

Managing Partner

Any question in marketing or growth strategy ? Any advice on technology ? Need help to scale your business ? Say Max !

Benoît Marrel associé fondateur Breega Capital

Ben Marrel

Managing Partner

From finance to marketing issues. Tech lover. Speaks 4 languages. Early adopter of every new disruption. What else ?

Wendy Wattebled Portfolio Acceleration Manager

Wendy Wattebled

Senior Associate

Her only obsession: find the best start-ups, help them scale and turn them into a success story. Reach out to her if you feel up to the challenge !

Isabelle Gallo

Isabelle Gallo

Senior Associate

Profound admirer of the energy and resilience it takes for one to succeed as an entrepreneur. Her benevolent ear will never let you down. Never hesitate to reach out !

Victor Drault

Victor Drault

Senior Associate

Passionate about tech, disruption and music, Victor will bring his entrepreneurial look to help you turn your first chords into a symphony. Let's get in touch!

Robin Sappe

Robin Sappe

Talent Manager in residence

Do you need to recruit the A team and manage talents like an Ace ? With his extended experience as an RH professional and an entrepreneur, Robin is your man !

Our Investors

100 talented entrepreneurs, bluechip CEOs and strategic corporates have trusted us to be part of this amazing experience.
A few examples of their companies follow.

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VM Ware

Our Portfolio

The News

Paris, April 2017

Le Pitch BFM Business : François Paulus de Breega et Stéphanie Hospital de Oneragtime sur Bruce VS I love my diet coach


Paris, Mars 2017

Le Pitch BFM Business : François Paulus de Breega et Boris Golden de Partech sur Hungry Up VS Ezeeworld 

BFM Pitch François Paulus

Paris, January 2017

What's up New York: Ben Marrel, founding partner @ Breega on our investment thesis. 

What's Up New York Breega

Paris, January 2017

François Paulus, founding partner @ Breega invited on BFM Pitch.

BFM Pitch

Paris, November 2016

Exotec Solutions, has raised €3,3 million in Series A funding led by Breega Capital. & 360 Capital Partners (Robolution).

Exotec Solutions

Paris, October 2016

ViewPay lève 600 000 euros pour proposer une alternative aux Adblockers.

Viewpay Marc Leprat

Paris, September 2016

FoodChéri, has raised €6 million in Series A funding led by Breega Capital. & 360 Capital Partners.

Team Food Chéri

Paris, June 2016

Benoît Marrel dans le jury de UberPITCH : le concours "surprise" de Uber.

Benoît Marrel jury du UberPitch

Paris, June 2016

La FrenchTech 18 mois après : le point de vue de Maximilien Bacot, associé fondateur chez Breega Capital.

Interview Maximilien Bacot sur l'initiative French Tech

Paris, June 2016

Breega Capital partenaire du Tour de France Digitale 2016 annonce les dix finalistes.

Breega Capital partenaire du Tour de France Digitale

Paris, May 2016

GoJob lève 1,4 million pour hacker le marché de l'emploi.                                              

GoJob lève 1,4millions d'euros auprès de Breega Capital

Paris, April 2016

Frédérique Grigolato, invitée du Club Entrepreneurs Challenges est la fondatrice de Clic and Walk.

Clic and Walk startup participation portefeuille Breega Capital

Paris, December 2015

Pourquoi Breega Capital va miser sur la foodtech et le big data.                                                             

François Paulus associé fondateur Breega Capital Interview Challenges

Paris, October 2015

« French Tech Accélération » investit dans un premier fonds d’accélération : Breega Capital Venture One.

BPIfrance investit dans Breega Capital

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