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breega is a full stack fund

We back innovators not verticals.

We partner with you from seed to impact.

We build with you.

Full stack fund

We propel pioneering and purpose-driven founders from idea to impact. Together we’re working towards a world where tech entrepreneurship has catalysed universal prosperity.

Act like a founder

Play for the team

Be caring and constructive

Win or learn

Invest today for impact tomorrow

Act like a founder

Breega was built by founders for founders. We understand the breathtaking highs and the frustrating lows of building a company.

We work hard and are bold. And we share the big ambitions of the founders we back, constantly evolving Breega to take us to our next stage of scale.

Play for the team

For us, investing is a team sport. We operate a highly collaborative investment process, making team decisions to remove bias.

We want to support founders throughout every stage of their journey. When we invest in a startup we have their backs, operating as an extension of their team. 

Be caring and constructive

At Breega we believe in treating every team member, founder and investor with fairness, courtesy and respect.

We act with empathy.

We provide full and constructive feedback to all the founders we meet, so even the ones we don’t back can take something positive away.

Win or learn

We aim for a growth and performance mindset in everything we do. Every success or failure represents an opportunity to grow.

At Breega, we welcome ideas from everyone in our team. We test, learn, iterate and improve wherever possible. When something doesn’t go so well, we review and reinvent. Always.

Invest today for impact tomorrow

At Breega, we back businesses evolving the foundations of society. We assess every investment we make on its potential for social impact, as well as its commercial success.

We invest our time, effort, determination and focus to make every business we back – and our own – impactful.

Our Investment thesis

These are the events Team Breega will be attending

23-25 Janv, 2024



With its vibrant ecosystem, IPEM Cannes provides the ideal platform for investors, fundraisers, dealmakers, and advisors to connect and make impactful deals.

See you in Cannes this January.

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