Alice & Bob announces a major scientific breakthrough and a $30M series A raise which will bring them closer to producing the world’s very first fault-tolerant quantum computer !

 Quantum technology will revolutionise IT by performing calculations way beyond the ability of even the  largest and fastest supercomputers. 

This means game-changing progress in all areas from industry, science, medicine and engineering to fighting climate change. However the widespread development of Quantum computers is currently being slowed by persisting errors. 

Breega portfolio startup, Alice&Bob announces today the development of a cat qubit which will crush the problem of quantum error correction of bitflips and bring them closer to producing the world’s first fault-tolerant quantum computer.

Alice & Bob’s cat qubit increases resistance to bit flips errors from previous records of a few miliseconds held by tech giants Amazon and Google to two minutes. This is nearly 100,000 times the previous state of the art ! 

With a team of 40, of which half hold PHDs, Alice & Bob continues to maintain the lead in the race towards quantum computing against big tech giants…Will Alice & Bob get there first?