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Working towards a sustainable planet and universal prosperity.

We believe we have a role to play in enabling a sustainable and prosperous future.

So we support a range of impact organisations, and set standards for ourselves and our companies across environmental, economic and societal upside.

Driving change in our ecosystem

Diversity in founders we back.

We want to build a world where all innovators – regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, background or sexual orientation – have equal opportunities to raise investment.


Starting with our own portfolio. We partner with leading organisations paving the way to this future. 


Sista > the French collective fighting to reduce inequalities in access to capital between female and male founders.



Investing in Women in Code > we commit to adopting internal practices to improve female entrepreneurs’ access to finance, tools, resources they need to grow their businesses


Emerge > an 8-week accelerator program to connect underrepresented founders with the tools, networks, mentorship and capital they need to scale their business.


Beyond providing founders with mentoring and reach, networks and knowledge, we work alongside these organisations to diversify our sources of dealflow in order to access diverse founders wherever we can 

Diversity in VC.

We’re firm believers in the idea that diverse teams increase performance, expand knowledge and enhance problem-solvings.


We partner with Diversity VC > whose purpose is to help diverse talent break into VC to create an industry free from bias.

We also aim to do the deeper work, in order to learn and unlearn what we know. We train our investment and scaling squads to acknowledge and overcome cognitive biases during investment and recruitment processes.


We share lessons learned, insights and tips that can make a difference at organisational level.

Responsible investing

At Breega, we’re committed to creating impact. For us, this means commercial success for our companies, returns for our LPs and societal impact across people, the planet and prosperity. 

We’re mindful of this when investing, so we assess the impact of a startup before committing. 

We aim to back companies that generate sustainable value and address ESG. 

We educate and provide guidance around responsible practises, and help our companies review their ESG commitments.

Giving back

We believe in giving back to play our part in supporting greater causes.

This is why, each year, we donate 5% of our carried interest and 2% of our annual net profit to charities enhancing health and happiness, work and well-being, employment and environment.

Our CSR & ESG commitments