Up until now Breega has mostly kept quiet on the communication front. That’s because as founders and bootstrappers, we like the test and learn approach. We want to observe and assess if what we’re doing is actually working before we talk about it.

But as Breega grows from a young VC fund to a more confident and established organisation, gaining in years and experience, we think it’s probably time to explain more about who we are, what matters to us and what we’re hoping to accomplish in the startup world.
And as our website is our first point of contact with founders, it felt like a good place to start.

We wanted to launch a new website that showcased what we’re really all about, to help founders navigate the complex decision about what investor to work with. Breega leads with its values, so we wanted our new website to do so too.

The values that drive us.

Although there are the obvious elements that founders naturally consider when choosing a VC (term sheets, valuation, strategic fit etc.), at the end of the day we believe that founders will choose a VC based on whether or not they actually like and trust them, and whether their values are compatible. The relationship between a founder and their VC is a tight, long-term, fundamentally important one for the success of the startup. So shared values should be front and centre when deciding on with whom you’ll share an entrepreneurial journey.

We see values as being not only who we are but also how we do things. At Breega, we are Entrepreneurial meaning that we have been through the startup journey ourselves and so fully understand it. We are Collaborative because we believe it takes a village to raise a company and we work as a team with our startups to help them accelerate. And finally, we are also Bienveillant (a French word meaning caring and helpful) meaning that we may sometimes be a little tough with our startups but ultimately, it’s because we care.

We’ve passed the microphone to our founders…

Rather than just talking about ourselves, we decided that it would be far more insightful to let our founders do the talking. So we asked four of our all star founders to talk about their relationships with Breega and let people know what it’s actually like to work with us.

A huge thanks to Dan from FiiTShachar from CurveRomain from Exotec Solutions and Matthieu from Tilkal for taking time out to be filmed. You can check out what they have to say in the videos on our homepage.

We’ve revealed our investment thesis!

Yes, that’s right, we decided to put it all out there on our Let’s Invest page. Why?

Because time is precious. Founders’ time and our time. And we’re looking to help everyone save time by stating from the outset what it is we’re looking for, how we do things and why. So we’ve shared our investment policy: how we invest, our investment criteria, the metrics we look at when making a decision to invest, and our investment process, step by step.

We’ve let you know when and where you can meet us and what we’re up to.

As it’s not always easy to get in touch with a VC, we’ve added an events section at the bottom of our homepage to let people in on where they can meet us, where we’ll be and what we’ll be doing in the coming weeks. We’ve also added a Breega News section with information, articles and other announcements.

And that’s not all….we’ve given our logo a facelift!

We figured it was about time to give our logo a bit of a facelift/update and more of a modern feel by making it shorter, simpler and more impactful, more Breega in fact!

(Breega’s new logo, loud and proud 🙂

So, what have we done?

We’ve kept our traditional “Breega green” colour symbolising our entrepreneurial DNA: young, dynamic and bold. But we’ve changed the font so it’s easier to read. We’ve also made our icon a little bolder and taken away the bar separating it from our name. To share a little known fact, our icon is a direct symbol of our name (Breega is an acronym for “Bridging the Equity and Experience Gap) the two halves of the icon being a bridge and its reflection on the water below.
When you put these two together they form a circle which traditionally evokes both movement and protection, two concepts that we strongly identify with at Breega. After all, it’s what we’re looking to provide for our startups.

And finally, we’re dropping the Capital and keeping the Breega. Because what matters most to us, what we’re offering our startups, is more than capital, it’s a founder-built bespoke BRidge over the Equity and Experience GAp.

We hope you like the changes, if you have any feedback, please let us know on either twitter or Linked’In or through the contact form on our website.

Otherwise, we have lots more news to come. So stay tuned!