Didomi is one of our most recent investments, onboarded in May this year. Before meeting Didomi founders Romain, Jawad and Raphaël, Founding-Partner, Maximilien Bacot, admits thinking “Yet another adtech! What can be so special about that?”. As he would now tell you, quite a lot actually!

Whereas growing data privacy awareness and the introduction of the European GDPR regulation has proved troublesome for many adtechs, the founders of Didomi are using the growing trend to their advantage.

Introducing Didomi

They developed a comprehensive Privacy and consent management platform for companies that allows internautes to decide how their data is dealt with right down to the last cookie. Didomi’s solution enables their clients to place customer care at the heart of their marketing strategies and thus gain in terms of image and customer loyalty.

Having just celebrated their third birthday, Didomi are already sector leaders in Spain and France and present in 18 countries including the US and Canada with big name clients such as Rakuten, Decathlon and El Mundo.Their rapid progress is reflected in their figures and an MRR which has more than doubled over the past few months. Didomi’s ambition is clear: become the world leader in their sector within five years.

Why Breega ?

Self-financed from their launch in 2017 until May of this year, Didomi already had a great track record. They asked Breega to invest to help them accelerate more quickly. The deciding factor for CEO, Romain Gauthier,  when choosing Breega, was the great fit with Max and our team:

Breega are a team of entrepreneurs, they understood our model and mindset quickly. They ask the right questions. They’re strong minded and independent and they’re always honest with us so there are no bad surprises. The risks we take are taken together, it’s a good mix of team work and pragmatism

At Breega, we believe in telling it like it is and that frank and open communication is crucial for the good governance of any company. Our approach is not necessarily suited to all but, for Didomi, it’s working out well :

Breega have really helped us this year, the Ops HR team in particular has helped us grow the company from 12 to 50 people in just a few weeks”.

Looking forwards, Romain says that he and the team feel Breega is the right VC to help Didomi achieve their ambition of becoming industry leader within the next few years. We’re glad to hear it and as far as Team Breega is concerned, we’re definitely excited to be accompanying them on their ADventure !