Exotec is one of the fastest growing companies in our portfolio. Breega have accompanied founders Romain & Renaud, from the very beginning of their journey from Pre-Seed to Series C.

Exotec are the creators of the illustrious Skypod, a three- dimensional warehouse robot capable of moving at a speed of 4 meters per second. The e-logistics solutions company supplies warehouses with their Skypod robots and specially designed storage racks to speed up the picking and packing process.

Created in 2015 by two ex General Electric Healthcare engineers, Romain Moulin and Renaud Heitz, Exotec has scaled at a dramatic rate. Today, they are suppliers of big name companies such as C-Discount, Carrefour and Uniqlo.

The Exotec x Breega Story

For investors, hardware is riskier than software and comes with its own specific set of challenges. However the vision and drive of the Exotec founders quickly convinced Founding Partner, François Paulus that this was a risk worth taking. According to Romain Moulin, the fit was mutual :

“When starting out, we were looking for investors and needed some advice on how to approach them. The director of the Telecom incubator put us in touch with François. We were actually looking for a mentor, not an investor, but after meeting François, we got both”.

What attracted Romain to Breega was the fact that the team are also entrepreneurs:

“Breega are not only founder-friendly but they’re also entrepreneurs who love entrepreneurship and have a real willingness to help their companies grow”.

“Grow” is a key word for Exotec, having scaled their company from 50 to 200 employees over the past two years. Scaling at such a rate, although exciting, is not easy. It requires being able to hire the right people and structure your company at the same time.

“The Breega Ops team were really helpful. In particular, human resources. They were there for us at a crucial moment, hiring for us and helping us to scale”. 

With a growing list of clients and teams now firmly in place in Europe, the US and Asia, Exotec are ready to take it to the next level and become an international leader.

So does this mean that Exotec and their three dimensional Skypod robots have well and truly flown the Breega nest? Perhaps not quite.

“Many investors are just waiting for the return on their investment and when they have it, they move on. Results are obviously important but François and his team really care about what we’re creating. They will be staying close at hand to help us build the biggest and best company possible”. 

Team Breega’s take

When you’re a founder, even when your company is meeting and surpassing its objectives, having partners that you trust and work well with is key. Knowing that your investors are not only backing you but also have your back can help you make the tough calls with confidence and go just that little bit further, faster.