Introducing Fretlink

Fretlink was launched in 2015 by two founders, Paul Guillemin and Antoine Lesqueren, with one goal: make the world of road freight transport more transparent, efficient and fairer. Given that the road freight sector is a fragmented market, with a multitude of actors and outdated tech systems this was no mean task.

However, after six years, Fretlink –  as the pair named their company – has made serious inroads (bad pun intended) into transforming the sector.

To do so, Fretlink has developed a Transport Operating System technology, in the form of a unique platform that connects shippers (SMEs & Large corporations) and supply chain organisations looking to transport goods with a network of over 6000 small and medium-sized carriers, most of them family-owned, across Europe.

Why Fretlink?

Those looking for transportation solutions inform Fretlink of their carrier requirements constraints and routes, Fretlink’s algorithm then automatically matches them with transporters able to respond to their demand and specificities.

With its in-depth knowledge of shippers’ needs and carrier capacities,  Fretlink’s Transport Operating System then identifies the most relevant flows and counter-flows to optimise the transport plan and connect the transporters with multiple clients in order to optimise their routes by ensuring that their trucks are full, on their outboard and return journeys.

The upside for clients is that not only have their transporters been screened in advance but they also receive updates on their shipments in real-time.

By centralising, standardising and optimising road freight processes Fretlink makes things easier for everyone involved.

CEO, Sebastien Boucraut tells us:

Fretlink’s technology is truly original. Thanks to our platform and intelligent algorithms we are transforming a sector plagued by poor quality services, unoptimised journeys, reduced visibility for transporters and poor traceability for clients. At the same time, the purpose of our technology is to be a strong enabler in the fight to reduce CO2 emissions and we, both individually and at the company level, must play a key role in this transformation”.

Indeed, at a time when climate change, pollution and environmental issues are central concerns, Fretlink is also actively helping its transporters to limit their carbon footprint through their Green Roads offer. An offer designed with partner WeNow, enabling transporters to measure, reduce and offset their carbon emissions.

More information on the programme can be found here.

Why Breega?

It’s not surprising that when Breega first met Fretlink back in 2017 and decided to invest, we were eager to get on board. Having raised a total of € 30 m to date and expanded their business, Fretlink now operates in several countries such as France, Germany, Benelux, the UK, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. Its solutions have seduced big companies such as AB Inbev, Nestlé, Danone, Carrefour, Candia and Holcim to name just a few.

The Covid pandemic and a known European-wide shortage of drivers means that Fretlink’s job isn’t always easy and the team are therefore glad to be able to rely on the advice and free operational support they get from Breega.

Sebastien says:

Breega is a very active and supportive partner, giving us advice, support and operational help whenever we need it”.

As things stand, although Fretlink’s mission is not a simple one, the continuing transformation of the road freight sector is not only necessary but inevitable. As entrepreneurs we know the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey, we also know that the road that dips is also the same one that rises. As they say in Ireland, may the road rise to meet you and the wind be always at your back. And as for Breega, we’ll be at your side.

For news on their progress, stay connected 😉