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Introducing you to Pascal Lorne, serial entrepreneur and enthusiast whose vision and passion for empowering others and giving them the necessary confidence and tools to find work has become the driving force behind what has been his most successful venture yet, Gojob.

Introducing Gojob

Launched in 2015, Gojob is France’s leading online temporary job marketplace with more than 250,000 workers and over 700 clients, both SMEs and large groups. Winner of France Digitale’s 2019 Tech for Good Awards, Gojob also has a strong social mission.

Workers benefit from administrative and social benefits such as retirement, health insurance and unemployment. If needed, they can also benefit from financial aid to tide them over while waiting for payday, thanks to a dedicated fund set up by Pascal.

Why Gojob?

The company is one of Breega’s earliest stories and Pascal one of Breega’s first founders “crushes” :). The beginning is somewhat unusual. Before Gojob, Founding Partner, Ben Marrel, agreed to back an altogether different venture of Pascal’s: a social network called Unfortunately, the idea didn’t catch on and the company went down. Despite taking a loss of a quarter of a million, Ben remained impressed by Pascal’s honesty and convinced of his talent, drive and will to make a difference. 

After a brainstorming session between the two entrepreneurs in which they discussed the idea of creating an online blue collar job marketplace, Pascal went away and soon after came back with a new company: Gojob. 

Breega agreed to back Gojob from the word go and we’re glad we did! With the ambition of becoming France’s next big scale-up, the company is expanding rapidly with an annual turnover that should reach close to 50 million euros at year end.

Why Breega?

According to Pascal, working with Breega during the first years of his business was indispensable to Gojob’s growth: 

“Breega is the only fund we know with a full-time in-house operational team at the disposition of its startups. The team helped us with our first contracts, our positioning and marketing and the growing and structuring of our teams. It made all the difference, they helped us to fill in the “gaps in our racket” so to speak, therefore allowing us to grow with confidence â€ť. 

As Gojob scale, if they no longer rely as often on the practical help and support we provide, our continuing presence and partnership remains key: 

“Although we no longer require the same level of practical support, Breega’s advice and presence on the board is increasingly important as we scale. Ben is more of a co-founder than an investor. Generally speaking, there is absolute transparency between our teams. Gojob don’t see Breega as  investors, to us they’re partners”.

Team Breega’s take

At Breega we believe that you learn from your failures and that transparency, trust and teamwork between founders and their business partners are essential when growing a company. Breega invests not only in companies but in people, like Pascal, who are looking to make a difference. And when the fit is right, we like to stick by them. Through thick and thin.