In this week’s Founder story, we’re introducing you to Hatem OUESLATI CEO and co-founder of IoTerop. IoTerop is a startup specialised in developing technologies for the remote management and control of smart devices in industry. Stay connected to find out more. 🙂

According to Statistica, by 2025 there will be over 75 billion connected devices in the world. Smart objects that, with the help of sensors and programs are continuously connecting and communicating with each other.

Smart devices already play an important role in a whole range of sectors but where their impact is perhaps the most significant, is in industry. In the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), connected devices are used across all sectors, from electricity, oil and water to aviation, robots and even healthcare.

Sensors and monitors attached to networked devices on physical objects, such as machines, engineering devices or appliances allow data on these machines/ objects to be captured, monitored,exchanged and analysed in real time.

These connected sensors help to improve operational efficiency by signalling changes, malfunctions, failures, or leaks. They are able, for example, to signal when a machinery part needs replacing (predictive maintenance) and can be used to control energy consumption or to trace an asset remotely. In a nutshell, thanks to IIoT, machines and objects can now do the talking, reducing the need for human intervention and allowing for the creation of data-enabled services.

To ensure that the information exchanged between connected devices cannot be modified or tampered with, communications are encrypted end-to-end to make them secure. Enter IoTerop.

Introducing IoTerop

IoTerop, founded in Montpellier at the end of 2016 by three former Intel employees; Hatem OueslatiJacques Bourhis and David Navarro, develops innovative IoT technologies that are enabling manufacturers to build a new generation of secure, interoperable and remotely manageable solutions and connected devices.

A world leader in OMA Lightweight M2M technology, IoTerop manufactures a protocol stack and supplies a Device Management Platform for the remote management and control of connected devices in all fields from smart cities to logistics to transport and industry. Their software solution, called IOWA and ALASKA, allows manufacturers to perform “over-the-air” updates of their devices, recover data in constrained environments, ensure interoperability and secure communications through cryptography, and authentication features. With IOWA and ALASKA all connected devices become automatically fully compliant with international Lightweight Machine to Machine (LwM2M)IPSO and CoAP standards.

Why IoTerop?

IoTerop’s technology can be adapted to fit a whole range of connected devices, from small and inexpensive objects to major pieces of machinery. The team can supply companies with large-scale secure end-to-end device management solutions at relatively low cost, helping to accelerate their time-to-market

Thanks to IoTerop’s cutting-edge solutions, companies such as Itron that produce smart solutions to measure and analyse electricity and water consumption and EDMI one of the world’s largest smart meter constructors, can now control, communicate and perform updates on their devices securely and efficiently. One of IoTerop’s latest clients, Thales is currently integrating IoTerop’s technology in their 5G modules, gateways and modem cards in order to ensure maximal security of their cellular communications. Other clients include TraxensEDFEricssonMatoomaElvaco, and Kerlink.

Experts and leaders in the fields of embedded systems and telecommunications, IoTerop are also committed to quality and the promotion of best practises in their sector. A board member of Open Mobile Alliance SpecWorks, IoTerop also actively participates in elaborating IoT standards.

IIoT, is shaping the future of smart manufacturing by ensuring the security and interoperability of smart industry devices, IoTerop is helping to shape IIoT itself. Choosing to back IoTerop founders Hatem, Jacques and David in their €1.5 million seed round back in 2019 was therefore a no-brainer 🙂

Why Breega?

While looking to raise their seed round, IoTerop received offers from several investors. They chose to work with Breega for specific reasons, Hatem says:
“IoTerop and Breega share the same DNA. As entrepreneurs, we understand each other’s mind sets and what is at stake. We had our pick of investors but we chose Breega and we don’t regret it”.

With Breega, IoTerop say that they’re not only backed but continually accompanied and supported by the team:

“Breega gives us a lot of advice and support which has been especially helpful in the recent context. We work with big industrial companies, production cycles are long and certain electronic components aren’t as readily available. Breega remained present throughout what has been a complicated period”.

Looking forwards

So what’s next for IoTerop?

The startup with its unique industry positioning combining both security and device management is growing steadily as industrial manufacturers are realising not only the cost effectiveness but also the positive environmental impact of integrating connected devices into their operations. IIoT, among its many uses, can help regulate and preserve natural resources, like water, just as IoTerop’s clients EDMI, are doing in Australia with their smart meters. Hatem explains:

“It’s estimated that around 20% of all water in France is wasted every year. With connected objects, we can detect leaks and control them. Public lighting uses up 40% of the city’s total electricity consumption. Controlling the lights, remotely switching them off etc. can save not only money but energy consumption which is good for the planet”.

Since our investment in 2019, IoTerop has more than doubled their number of team members and clients. Their aim? Position themselves as market leaders ready to attack the billions of connected devices that are set to arrive on the market over the next five years. And Breega will be accompanying the smart startup every step of the way.