Lemonway is one of Breega’s 2018 investments, and, since 2012, a leading Pan-European provider of payment solutions. A regulated payments institution, Lemonway supplies marketplaces, crowdfunding platforms and other companies with comprehensive payment processing, payment account management and third-party payment solutions.

Although not alone in the payments sector, Lemonway’s offering is unique in-so-far that it offers a “modular-based approach” which allows clients to “cherry-pick” and choose to benefit from all, or just certain, of its payment tools.

Banks can, for example, incorporate Lemonway’s platform solutions into their own payment tools – which are tailored to the specific needs of their clients – whilst saving themselves the time and hassle of developing the technology in house.

Lemonway currently deals with over 3 billion euros in payments for their clients every year, but that’s not all.

Lemonway’s in-house team of compliance experts ensure that their customer’s payment processes are 100 % compliant with all European directives (PSD2, GDPR etc.). Meaning that clients can “embrace the marketplace model” and focus on their businesses safe in the knowledge that Lemonway is navigating the complex regulatory landscape for them.

Lemonway’s client-first approach means that today over 1,500 loyal customers rely on their solutions, including prestigious European clients such as Oui SNCF or Decathlon in France, Metro in Germany, Housers in Spain or leading European crowdfunding platforms such as Estate Guru & October.

Why Lemonway ?

Having studied the self-financed payment company’s track record and observed their growth in several European countries (Lemonway have offices in Spain, Italy and the Baltics), Breega Co-Founding Partner, Ben Marrel, decided it was time to reach out to founders Antoine Orsini (CEO) and Damien Guermonprez.

“Back in 2018, the digital payments market was already estimated at 3.53 trillion dollars and growing rapidly. Lemonway had a great product and strong potential but being self financed, needed funds to help them scale faster”.

It turned out to be a meeting of minds and Antoine and Damien decided to open their company’s capital.

Breega invested in Lemonway in Summer 2018, leading a 10M€ financing round shareded with Speed Invest, and as such, was one of the company’s very first investors. With Breega’ help, Lemonway was able to perfect its growth strategy and grow its team. Just over a year later, the company then raised an impressive € 25 m round led by the prestigious UK based investor, Toscafund

Why Breega ?

Looking back on his first meeting with team Breega, Antoine tell us:

“At that time, Breega were the “new kids on the block”. Although very professional, they weren’t typical investors. Lemonway isn’t a typical financial company either. Like Breega, we’re serious about our work but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. So there was a great mutual fit”

And joining forces with Breega turned out to be a good decision as his relationship with the team remains strong:

“Breega really helps us with business contacts and HR support, they’re very “hands-on” and despite a portfolio of over 50 startups are always really attentive and there to help out which means we have a great working relationship”.

Following the Lemonway into the future

Lemonway is currently the number one provider of payment solutions for crowdfunding platforms in Europe, their aim is to do the same for marketplaces and therefore become the European industry leader.

In order to achieve their goal, 2021 will be all about strengthening their processes, products and people, so as to “conquer and grow” in a way that is sustainable:

“Lemonway is about building trust in our industry and trust is about people. If our team is happy, our customers will be happy”.

Looking to the future, Antoine tells us that Lemonway is helping to create a new era of digital payments for the payments industry. Breega is proud to be backing Antoine, Damien and their team and helping them to do just that.

We’re happy to say that for this fintech, the future is looking Lemon yellow bright.

If you want to join their adventure and you’re looking for a fruitful career in payments, check out their Welcome to the jungle page