If there’s one thing that 2020 has taught us with its pandemic and lockdowns, it’s that to survive, companies and their employees must adapt.

Recognising that a company’s strength is it’s people, Paul Courtaud created Neobrain with co-founder Jeremy Jaillant, in January 2018. Their goal? Help companies to ensure they have the right talent, in the right place at the right moment.

Introducing Neobrain

Neobrain is a digital HR solutions platform and App that uses AI to help companies understand and address their HR needs. It does so by providing online programmes and tools designed to respond to three key needs : employee engagement and loyalty, fluid internal mobility and the alignment of employee skills with business strategy. Employees themselves can benefit from a personalised online space in which they can assess their skills and access intuitive training programs.

To allow its clients to spot and predict evolving trends, professions and skills in the labour market, Neobrain also proposes clients a purpose built tool that continually tracks job offers in over fifty countries.

Fast forward two years to a time when many organisations are restructuring due to Coronavirus and Neobrain’s solution is more than proving its relevance. Over 70 companies – and over sixty thousand people – are now relying on Neobrain’s HR tech solutions, including big name groups such as Renault, Bosch and Total.

Recognising Neobrain’s potential, impressed by its unique AI tech and the business acumen of CEO Paul Courtaud (a budding entrepreneur who by the age of 22 (!) had already launched and sold his first company, FUTURNESS) , Breega made the decision to back Neobrain just before the Spring lockdown. 

Why Neobrain?

According to Paul, the investment was well- timed ! :

“With the onset of the Covid crisis, our activity last year turned out to be much greater than expected. Companies stopped recruiting and were looking to capitalise on their existing internal resources. The additional business was great but meant that we had to grow our team quickly!”

And according to Breega Mangaging-Partner François Paulus, investing in Neobrain was a “no brainer” 🙂

“Right from the start we were convinced of the relevance of Neobrain’s value proposition which allows companies to capitalise on their most precious asset: their employees and to ‘recycle talents’ to avoid losing them” 

Why Breega?

Neobrains’ boost in business required a boost in ressources which Paul says was one of the main reasons for which Neobrain picked Breega to be their VC: 

“We chose Breega as our VC, because apart from money, we were drawn by their offer of operational support in terms of hiring and structuring our team, business development and communication which are three key areas of business growth and expertise that we didn’t have ”.

For Paul, and as many founders will tell you, taking VC money is a little like getting into a marriage with a pre-programmed divorce. Therefore, choosing people who share your values and understand you is a must :

“It’s important to surround yourself with a team that truly understands entrepreneurship and who are there to support you”.

With help from Breega’s Ops team, Neobrain has since grown its team from 15 to 45 employees, is making a name for itself and seeking to expand. Having already opened an office in Portugal, Neobrain is planning, over the next two years, to further expand into Europe, notably Germany, Italy and the UK before looking to conquer the US market.

Neobrain are writing a great story, with the human factor at its very heart, and team Breega are truly proud to be a part of it.

Here’s to a great 2021 team Neobrain!