Introducing Ubble, one of our 2020 investments finalised during the first lockdown! Ubble is the story of three entrepreneurs on a mission to use their tech know-how to provide companies, consumers and institutions with a more secure environment in which to evolve.

Exactly three years ago, Juliette Delanoe, Ubble CRO and Co-founder, sat in a café with young entrepreneur, François Wyss, discussing his latest business idea. François had already built and sold his first company, Teemo, a startup specialised in predictive mobile digital marketing. He was looking to start over in a way that “makes Sense” by providing solutions that would prove useful for both businesses and society as a whole.

Juliette, who was working on digital verification solutions for border control agencies at a company that was later bought out by Thales, was also ready for a new challenge. Over lunch, it became obvious : he had the science and entrepreneurial experience, she had the product and business know-how. Together they decided to create a new kind of technology with the help of another co-founder, their now CTO and tech wizz, Nicolas Debernardi.

Introducing Ubble

Ubble is a one-of-a-kind digital ID verification solution that, with its live streaming video and AI tech, enables businesses to carry out secure and efficient identity checks online. The user films both their face and official ID (passport, driving licence etc), while algorithms analyse the images in real time to verify the ID and match it with the user’s face. Thanks to Ubble’s technology a whole range of tasks, usually requiring time consuming face-to-face checks, such as opening a bank account or buying insurance, are now possible online.

Adopted by big name clients such as Carrefour, Credit Agricole, and Bpifrance who is now relying on Ubble’s technology to check the authenticity of Covid crisis support loan applications, Ubble is also being used by neobanks and fintechs to ID check and onboard new customers quickly and painlessly.

With their solution helping to boost startups business and allowing companies and institutions to better fight ID and document fraud, Juliette, François and Nicolas have the happy proof that their activity is indeed contributing to both businesses and society as a whole.

Why Breega ?

It’s easy to see why Breega chose to invest in Ubble, they’re a great team with a strong strategic vision whose advanced technology has the edge on others in its field. So why did Ubble choose Breega?  Having already raised a first round with Partech in 2019,  Ubble decided again that it was time to scale. They picked Breega as their partner of choice to help fuel their growth. For Juliette, it was first and foremost a question of fit:

“It’s so important to get along well with your investors, you have to choose wisely. In Breega we found a young team of do-ers, like us, with entrepreneurial DNA who not only believe in us and what we are trying to do but who actively support us”.

Fit matters but so does practical support, especially when you’re looking to build and scale:

“Ubble, like many young French startups, has first-rate tech knowledge and skills. However, we’re facing competition from Anglo-Saxon companies who are excellent at commercialising their solutions. Breega both challenges and helps us build the right business, sales and marketing strategies. They also provide us with a lot of operational support, thanks to their recruitment and communication teams”.

If Ubble has come a long way in only three years, for Juliette the adventure is only just beginning:

“Over the next years, we hope to propose a whole range of certified solutions and products combining cutting-edge technology, compliance with French and European regulations and respect for user data.  We’re looking to become a leading presence in Europe and a global reference in identity verification”.

We’re impressed and excited by Ubble’s tenacity, vision and their technology. For Breega, it’s an adventure that we’re glad to be a part of and we’ll be accompanying them every step of the way. Ubble is all about excellence, striving to be the best by providing first-class tech products and services that will facilitate the way people live and work.

And we have to say that that’s a goal with which we can all identify  😉