It’s been three years since we first introduced the Breega brand, announcing to the world who we are, what we stand for and how we operate. And it has been a busy few years. Whilst continuing to vet, back and help scale some of Europe’s most promising tech startups, Breega has also been scaling, growing our team, our portfolio and our ambitions.

 And we’ve decided to celebrate our growth and prepare for the next phase of our investment journey with a brand new website. 

…welcome to Breega. Rebooted and ready to scale 🙂

Full stack funding 

Up until now at Breega we’ve talked mainly about what we do and how we do it: our entrepreneurial DNA, our values and our hands-on approach. But as we scale our funds, grow our team and widen our scope, we have decided to reveal more of our Northstar, the Why, that guides and drives our ambitions.

And how have we done this? By putting it down on paper and crafting a manifesto that digs down to the very essence of our existence.

In our manifesto, we detail our purpose, our vision and our investment proposition. We call it full stack funding.  By backing and actively supporting purpose-driven startup founders at every stage of their journey, we are working hard to help create what we believe to be a brighter future. A future where tech entrepreneurship has catalysed universal prosperity. 

“We exist to propel pioneering and purpose-driven founders from idea to impact. Together we’re working towards a world where technology entrepreneurship has catalysed universal prosperity.« 

Investing in you

As Breega grows, we are widening our investment scope. We invest from pre-seed to Series B and back our portfolio founders through the different stages of growth, or as we like to say, from idea into impact.

As we know that a strong fit and mutual trust form the foundations of a fruitful founder- VC relationship, we have provided more detail on the type of founders we want to partner with. Founders that are visionary and pragmatic, who communicate powerfully, listen actively and learn constantly.

And we have further explained our investment process to let startups know what we look for, what they can expect and when. They will also find tips and tricks on perfecting their pitch deck and preparing for their first investment meeting with the Breega investment team.

Building with you

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we have experienced the highs and lows of building a successful company, we therefore not only fund our founders we also accompany them. We are in it for the long game, providing them with the expertise, experience and free operational support of our Scaling Squad – a team of proven operators and experts based in France and now the UK.

With our new website, we give founders a deeper look into how our Scaling squad can help them to skill up and scale out, meet and master the challenges of each new phase of growth.  

Leading with our values 

Since inception, Breega has led with its values and we’re continuing to do so.

Our values define Who we are but also How we do things. As entrepreneurs, at Breega, we’re both investors and doers. It therefore made sense to us to further clarify our values and reboot them as actions.

 It is also a good way to remind our team and community of founders, investors and co-investors of how we lead, and strive to keep leading, with the values that drive us. Every single day. 

Driving change

And last but not least, we talk about impact. If backing startups that are aligned with our values has always been part of Breega’s DNA, looking forwards we know that if we are to fulfil our wish to help enable a sustainable and prosperous future for all, we must go further. The societal and environmental challenges we’re facing today, not just as a company but in society as a whole, demand it.

This is why when we are deciding whether or not to invest in a startup, we are mindful of their impact on their immediate and far reaching environment. Diversity in tech is and continues to be a real pain point that needs to be addressed. By partnering with organisations like Sista and Emerge, and providing founders with mentoring and reach, networks and knowledge, we aim to diversify our sources of dealflow to ensure that all innovators, wherever they are, have equal opportunities to raise investment. 

We believe that founders hold the keys to change and progress, to enhancing health and happiness, work and wellbeing, employment and environment. 

You. Us. Together. 


We hope you enjoy the content, look and feel of our new website. We would love to hear any feedback you may want to share, so please don’t hesitate to contact us through the website or our Breega LinkedIn account. 

Otherwise, we’ll have more exciting news to share in the weeks to come. So stay tuned.